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Click the bars below for a list of our Board Members, as well as our Founding and Former Board Members.

Board of Directors
Steven Barentzen, President
Kristen Lever, Vice-President
Amy Kuhnert, Secretary
Mimsy Lindner
Elizabeth Barentzen
Angie and John Bradshaw
Anna Dellgagatti
Danielle and John Dooley
Kathleen and Griff Jenkins
Josh Kuhnert
John Lever
Catherine and Jeff Miller
Diane Salisbury
Sean and Kellee Glass
Topher Mathews & Elizabeth Arens
Todd & Kelly Stavish
Jessica Homa
Jayme & Jonathan Hommer
Lisa Myers
Mance & Sara Edmondson
Paul & Christina Demartini
Jeremy Kirsch & Lindsay Smithen
Jena and Eric Watson

Founding and Former Board Members
John Richardson, Founder
Betsy Brady
Holly and Mike Cirrito
Anne and George Colclough
Sophie and Val Hawkins
Patty and Rob Housman
Robin and Jeff Jones
Susie King
Rusty Lindner
Ellen and James Patterson
Reagan Smith & Daniele Podini
Dima Zalatimo and Amir Yazdanpanah
Clara Bingham
Rose Marie Chapman
Sally and Stuart Davidson
Barbara Downs
Noel S. Evans
Megan and Bob Gabriel
Patsy Guyer
Helen Hagerty
Cheryl and Hayden Jones
Beverly and Peter Jost
David Michaelis
Mary Mottershead
Rory Quirk
Betsy and Charlie Rackley
Gigi Rasmussen
Margaret and Tom Rietano
Nina Richardson


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